May 25th: -Took down Wordpress, designed simple HTML site, set up hosting with Fastmail, launched site, converted old message board for new site

May 26th: -Opened a new Mastodon account and linked it, created a Friends page, made various tweaks throughout

June 1st: -About page is complete, added new posts

June 22nd: -Changed the name of the site to Brandon Writes and the domain to BrandonWrites.xyz. I also am experimenting with a micro blog as a substitution for this message board.

July 5th: -Archived all Old Posts, began work on the Links Archive page, and updated my Pixelfed.

July 25th: -Decided I wanted to move back to Wordpress, so I did.

November 19th: -Realized I gave into peer pressure and made a huge mistake going back to Wordpress.

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