I miss Links pages. I've found so many great sites through old school web rings and link pages, so I decided I needed to include one here. I've tried to organize the links by grouping them with similar sites the best that I can. This page will probably always be under construction since I'll be adding and removing sites every so often.

Last Updated: 1.16.2021

Brandon's Horror – This is my other blog where I review horror films.

The Wrestling Insomniac – I write occasionally for this site and it is my favorite wrestling website on the net. Lots of great forgotten history and wrestling show recaps.

Random Thoughts and Ponderings – A personal blog of my friend Michael's, who also runs The Wrestling Insomniac. He writes about movies, pop culture, and life not too unlike my site.

The Pastor Abides – Another friend of mine's personal blog.

Dino's Journal – One of the first sites that attracted me to Dino's site is a meticulously organized personal website with posts about cars, family, video games, and more. – Rebecca is a photographer who's blog I stumbled upon after she posted one of my posts. I love her content. It's simple and her life views seem to line up quite evenly with my own.

Pikapal's Blog – A long time friend of mine's personal blog. She writes about pop culture, retro stuff, and her personal life.

Eli(sha) – Another blog that I enjoy. It hasn't been updated in a while, but I always enjoy Elisha's writing.

Stacy's Blog Has Got It Going On – Short, simple recaps of movies and TV shows that Stacy has watched recently.

Hardcore Zen – Buddhist teacher Brad Warner's blog.

Same Old Zen – Another Buddhist blog I enjoy.

A Simple Tao – Every post has a lot of thought put into it.

Dinosaur Dracula – I've followed Matt's writing since his X-E days back in the late 90's/early 2000's. I love to let a few posts build up and then bulk read them. I'm also a fan of his podcast, The Purple Stuff Podcast.

Retro-Daze – I've written for this site off and on over the years. It's not in it's prime, but the archives are full of great posts and occasionally a gem will come out.

Retro Reading Time – A site full of out of print novelizations from various 80's and 90's properties.

Nintendo Life – I love their Nintendo news coverage and find their reviews are pretty spot on.

Comic Book Resource – This site flirts with being an entertainment/advertising news site, but they update regularly and so I usually give them a visit once or twice a day.

Bloody-Disgusting – A great horror movie news site with usually terrible reviews. Worth visiting for the news updates though.

Blu Ray Release Dates – A breakdown of the upcoming blu-ray release dates.

Big List of Personal Websites

The Star Trek Lit-verse Reading Guide

My Star Wars Life Debt

Farscape Continues