January 7th, 2020, I launched Brandon’s Journal, originally titled Brandon’s Good Place. I was inspired by the television show, The Good Place and wanted to carve out a little spot on the internet for me to discuss a little bit of everything. The early posts were a bit more humorous than my normal posts and I attempted to avoid profanity (instead substituting some of the clever words used in the television series such as “fork”). It was the beginning of a yearlong journaling process that saw a couple of name changes, three different hosts, and 220 posts. It’s been one of my favorite years of blogging, despite being one of my least favorite years being alive.

The tone of my blog shifts rather dramatically thanks to the pandemic. My fears and frustrations found their way out into my writing and I managed the best that I could. Writing has always been therapeutic for me and my feelings always find a way into my posts. That made the past year of writing particularly interesting since I managed to go from mindless ramblings about widely unknown movies to serious discussions into how dark entertainment has both a good and bad effect on my mental health. While this may be interesting, especially when applying it to the tumultuous year of fear, it isn’t exactly what I want my blog to be remembered for. So, it’s gone, erased, and we begin 2021 with a clean slate to build from. I archived my posts offline, so that in the future if I want to look back on 2020, I can, but I like to look at each new year as a fresh chapter in the book of life.

So, with that all being said, welcome to Brandon’s Journal. You’ll notice a new look around here and I hope to be just as active (if not more) than I was the previous year. Early on in 2021, I’m working on some self-improvement, so a lot of my posts will be catered towards that topic. I’m sure as the year progresses, I’ll branch out into other categories.

Well, I’m thankful you are here along for the journey. Let’s get this 2021 started and hope for the best.