A hundred and fifty years ago, thousands of people took a treacherous trip out west in hopes of a better life. It was untamed land with very little support or infrastructure and no modern conveniences. Still, people found purpose and a life away from big cities and forged their own way.

I've taken inspiration from those settlers in the creation of this site. Brandon Writes exists on the fringe of the internet, far away from what most people consider the internet these days. You won't find me on mainstream social media, nor will you find me advertising this website. I have no analytics, trackers, or ads. I have no real desire for this site to grow into something that receives many visitors. Instead, I've set up a small, basic HTML, self-sufficient website hosted by my email provider and it's here that I've created a new online life for myself.

Simplicity and peace are my goals for Brandon Writes. I want to create a real experience, written by a real person. Just me, my thoughts, ideas, goals, and what not shared with the reader directly. There is no RSS feed nor email subscription list. I don't have a newsletter nor social media I update with posts. If you are interested in reading what I have to say, you'll need to bookmark my website and revisit it at a later date. It's an old school approach to webmastering and one that requires a little more effort on the reader than most. I won't serve you my content, if you are interested, you'll have to come and get it.

I realize this sort of thing will turn off many readers. We are a society of instant gratification, but that no longer aligns with my values. I've found myself stressed and exhausted dealing with my own blogging and internet usage and it's led me to creating something new (or maybe discovering something old.) My site will consist primarily of text to keep the size limited and contact with me and/or images will mostly be reserved for the message board I've opened that accompanies the site. I'm always on the lookout for other personal blogs/homepages so please feel free to drop by and share.

I imagine this site like a small farm in the middle of nowhere. I'm not easy to find, but hopefully once you do, you'll find it relaxing and inviting.

Thank You For Visiting,


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