A Soft Reboot

Reboots and re-imaginings are all the rage in Hollywood these days. It seems like every week, I hear of something being brought back, or re-interpreted and usually it excites me. I love seeing my favorite characters, settings, and stories retold and kept current in a variety of different story telling avenues. If I'm honest, they aren't always a hit (and heck, have probably less than a fifty percent chance of being decent) but I'm glad they are there if only to keep some of my favorite fandoms, TV families, and characters around.

I mention all this because, I've done a soft reboot here on Brandon's Journal. About a week ago, I cleared the blog completely of content. I closed out my mini podcast and created a blank slate to work from. 2021 has not been my best year and the hard times and bad feelings infiltrated my writings more than I wanted. So, I thought it was best to delete the negative and just begin anew. That's part of the charm of using the domain of Brandon's Journal. I can change it up whenever I want and the address will always lead people to my latest ramblings.