Growing up, sports were my life. I don’t talk about them all that much nowadays and people are usually a little surprised to hear it. My love of sports began with baseball then moved to basketball, where I spent the majority of my time as a child. College or the NBA, it didn’t matter, I watched it all. I also enjoyed the NFL and the NHL, but basketball was my true love. I spent hours editing the NBA Live video games on PC customizing shoes, jerseys, and rosters. I played daily and re-watched my various NBA tapes year round. Then one day, I started having issues. I’d watch sports center and I’d see my heroes, being bad. I see them getting arrested and not representing what I thought they should be. I didn’t buy into Charles Barkley’s “I am not a role model” comment, because marketing, NBA Inside Stuff, and Space Jam told me otherwise. These were good guys, loving a sport that I loved. Yea… I was naive.

Following Michael Jordan’s retirement, I stopped following the NBA. After a few key arrests and outbursts, I realized that the morals of my NBA heroes didn’t represent my own. The same went for the NFL and MLB (which I had abandoned during the strike). I still followed hockey until the third lockout (I think) when finally, I had enough of the millionaires battling the millionaires.

I turned my attention to pro wrestling. At the time, I didn’t see wrestlers getting arrested on Sports Center every night and I was naive to the dark side of the ring as well. But at first glance, it seemed like a much better alternative than traditional sports that seemed riddled with crybabies and criminals.

My love of sports never did fully return, although a few years ago, I started dabble with NASCAR and the NFL again. NASCAR didn’t stick, but I found myself quite excited for the return of the NFL season each year and I became invested in the various storylines and underdogs.

Of course, there was still the issues of criminality and a lack of morals, but I tried my best to overlook it because it seems thats something you have to do in everything these days. But after this season, I just don’t think I can. I found my excitement for the NFL season starting off super hot until now where I’m just tired of hearing about it.

I’m sick of Aaron Rogers and the NFL not enforcing the same rules throughout the league. I’m sick of the NFL covering up for the Washington Football Team and the owners. I’m sick of the NFL creating scapegoats. I’m sick of seeing spoiled millionaires trying to kick in doors, waving guns around or beating their wives with little to no consequences. I’m sick of seeing innocent people killed in car crashes because some asshole decided he wanted to drive 150 mph drunk in a Corvette.

I tried to turn a blind eye to it all and convince myself to love the art, hate the artist. I tried to say there was corruption in every industry, but I just can’t. I don’t watch the WWE because of various scandals and shady business practices, why should I watch the NFL? It doesn’t align with my values so it’s time I turn the channel.

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