A Brush With Crazy

Last night, I attended AEW Dynamite in Greensboro, North Carolina. It was the first part of planned two day vacation that would also include a trip to the Greensboro Science Center, the Shiloh General Store, and dinner at Jeffrey Adams on 4th. It was a way to get out of the house, as well as celebrate Christmas in our own little way. But something happened after the show that derailed our vacation plans. I had a little brush with crazy.

AEW ended after the Rampage taping around 11:40 PM. We hopped in the car and made some remarkable good time. I was starving, since we had been at the arena since 5:30 PM and I had eat just a small side of fries right before we headed to the show. I planned to get some food while at the arena, but the lines were so long I was going to miss the show. So, I decided to suck it up.

Our hotel was located twenty minutes from the arena and within a quarter of a mile is a Sheetz, a 24 hour gas station that also serves food. Brandy and I went into the Sheetz and spent a few minutes ordering some food, when we decided to head back to the coolers to pick up some sodas.

I quickly made a decision for a Coke Zero, and after leaning over to pick up a couple of bottles, I noticed a man walk up really close to me, almost in my face. It was so quick, I presumed I was in his way and even thought for a moment he may have worked there. I quickly apologized and turned around. I walked a few steps to my wife when another man ran up the aisle towards me. He got a little too close too and something didn’t feel right. Our interaction went like this:

“Hey, are you guys AEW fans?”

“Yea, we are.”

“Oh, I hear AEW is kicking Raw’s ass.”

“Yeah, they seem to be doing very well.”

“Oh, so just so you know, that guy just spit on you.”

“Did he?”

“Yea, see it on your jacket?”

I turned and sure enough, there was spit on my jacket. The first guy must have spit on me when I turned around.

“He spit on you.”

“I see that. Thank you for letting me know.”

Fifteen years ago, I would have been irate, but some spit on the back of my jacket was not the end of the world. I was too busy wondering why this guy was somewhat boxing me into the corner of the coolers as well. He seemed nice enough, but this was all a very strange occurrence. I didn’t do anything to garner being spit on. The store wasn’t that busy and I hadn’t cut anyone off or asked anyone to move or anything.

I didn’t have much time to think about it, because within a moment the first guy threw a bottle of motor oil at me. Sadly, it ended up more towards my wife and it bounced off the wall/glass of the cooler and quite a bit of it got on her jacket.

At this point, I’m looking around trying to figure out who threw that (was guy #1 or guy #2) and what the fuck is going on? I literally just walked into this nice gas station, in a nice suburb right off the highway, and I’ve been spit on and had a bottle of motor oil chucked at me.

No one said anything and I quickly dragged Brandy towards the middle of the store toward the registers. Sheetz have two entrances and I didn’t know where the guy went or if the other guy was part of this too. I alerted the manager at the register. Everyone had heard the giant boom of the motor oil bottle hitting, but no one had realized it had been thrown.

She quickly called the cops and the second guy came running back in letting us know that the guy was still outside, he’s in an eighteen wheeler. So, despite guy #2 being weird, he wasn’t an accomplice.

I paid for my food and stayed inside until the cops arrived. Guy #2 flagged them down and pointed his truck out. Apparently the guy who spit on me also ran his mouth to a Sheetz employee who was taking out the trash but the guy had headphones in and had no idea what he said.

The cops took a look at the video tape and it’s 100% all on tape. I did nothing to provoke the guy, as the police office said, “He’s just off.”

I had report taken and had a police officer escort us to the hotel where we packed out bags and drove back home, thus ending our vacation early.

Luckily, no one was hurt. My jacket and new AEW beanie have spit on them. Brandy’s jacket sleeve/side is covered in motor oil and is probably ruined. Luckily, it’s a cheap Costco jacket and easily replaced. Her new boots have some motor oil on them, but it seems to be mainly the soles of the shoes which is a good thing.

It wasn’t a pleasant experience and definitely put a damper on the night. I’ve yet to decide whether to press charges or not. I’ll have to drive about two hours to press charges and then follow up for court dates and such. This man is obviously not okay and it’s even scarier the fact that he is operating an 18 wheeler.

This is actually the second situation this year I’ve been involved in with a crazy person. The first one involved a lady at the local Ollie’s who accused me of cutting in line when a second register opened and then attempted to run me over on the curb. She rolled down her window, taunted Brandy and I, and bragged that she almost hit us.

We live in a crazy, crazy world. I guess you can’t stop crazy and you can’t fix stupid.

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