Free Write Week 22 (May 27 – June 3)

I feel like this week has been my best week in quite some time. I wouldn’t say a lot of goof things happened, but I think I’ve grown slightly better at handling all that life is throwing at us right now. I know this may not last, but I want to savour it while I can.

I have two interviews this upcoming week. I am hopeful one of these two jobs will work our for me.

I was thrilled to see Helio Castorneves win the Indy 500 last weekend. From what I watched it was a good race and its nice to see the old guys win. I’ve officially entered the part of my life where I root for the old guys who I watched in my teenage/twenties. There aren’t many around still, but those that are get cheered for by me, no matter what thr sport.

AEW Double or Nothing was arguably the best AEW pay per view yet. Sting actually wrestling and wrestling well was incredible to see. I’ve always been a Stinger and I’m so glad he’s going to be able to go out on his own terms and not be put to pasture like the WWE wanted.

I’m very excited to hear Una McCormack, one of my favorite Star Trek book writers, is working on a Firefly novel.

Thr SRX video game is quite fun Its very similar to the previous Tony Stewart games but handles well and is challenging. Its been about all I’ve played this week, what little that I played.

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