Free Write Week 19 (May 7 – May 13)

Friday, marked Brandy and I’s six month wedding anniversary. In order to celebrate the ocassion, she whipped together a very fun 1950’s sci-fi drive-in style date for us. She whipped up together a drive-in style dinner completed with hot dogs, hamburgers, french fries, pop corn, pretzels, candy, and more. We watched some vintage 50’s sci-fi movie trailers while snacking and then watched The Day the Earth Stood Still, which was actually very good. It reminded me a lot of the Twilight Zone. It was a great way to celebrate our first six months and a very fun, relaxing, at-home date.

I spent some time listening to a couple of podcasts while working this week. One is an old favorite of mine that I’m a few years behind, Whats This Tao All About? The other is Another Lousy Millennium, which is a Futurama podcast hosted by two brothers. I’ve discovered an appreciation for Futurama this past year and this podcast is really helping me enjoy the episodes even more. It’s the perfect little distraction for my life right now. Speaking of Futurama, I’ve sorta embraced this Futurama poster as my tagline in life right now:

Not much else happened. I’m still just grinding away at this job and hoping a little luck will blow my way.

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