Movies Watched in April

Max Payne – I’ve been wanting to watch this film since it came out. I’m a huge Max Payne fan and I knew it wasn’t well received, but I’ve always been curious. I should have stayed curious. This was horrendous.

Evil Dead (1981) – This will go down as one of my favorite horror movie watching experiences. I watched Evil Dead on VHS for the first time in a very long time and I enjoyed the hell out of it. What a great film that still holds up and looks great on VHS.

Clerks – Once Kevin Smith was my favorite director and Clerks was one of my favorite films. I haven’t seen it in a very long time and I really enjoyed revisiting it. It made me laugh quite a bit despite knowing all the jokes.

Star Trek IV: The Voyage HomeSee my A Year in Star Trek review.

Frozen in Time: Dawson City – This documentary was fantastic and slow. It tells the story of the small Yukon town of Dawson City where silent films went to die. It was the last stop on the distribution ring and a ton of the films were buried in an old swimming pool hole. The permafrost preserved these treasures and tons of of lost films were found. This documentary is made like a silent movie and is very arthouse, but interesting.

Star Wars Episode One: Cloak of Deception (Phantom Menace Fan Edit)/Star Wars Episode Two: The Approaching Storm (Attack of the Clones Fan Edit)/Star Wars Episode Three: Labyrinth of Evil (Revenge of the Sith Fan Edit) – I wanted to watch some Star Wars and had heard good things about these fan edits. I gave them a shot and boy was I surprised at how much they improved the films. I was so impressed I almost want to buy a blu-ray burner just to preserve these as the definitive version of Star Wars for myself.

The Final Terror – A low budget 80’s horror film by the director Under Siege starring Daryl Hannah and Joe Pantoliano. It was slow and not worth the 83 minutes I spent on it.

Mortal Kombat – This wasn’t bad. I definitely wouldn’t say it was great either, but I felt like it was a good step in the right direction. I’m interested in seeing some sequels.

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