Free Write Week 15 (Apr 9 – Apr 15)

A few weeks ago, I purchased a copy of Evil Dead on VHS. It’s the same Anchor Bay released that I bought back in 1998 and first experienced the movie. I found a new copy on EBay for $8 and figured it would make a fun little prop for my shelves.

Once I got the film, I decided to hook up the VCR, tear off the plastic and see how well the film held up. I wasn’t expecting much since I’ve seen it so many times and I own the film on blu-ray. Wow, was I surprised. In what will go down as one of my favorite horror viewing experiences, Evil Dead blew me out of the water. I was so used to the slapstick that came into the franchise following the second film, I forgot how terrifying the first film was. The atmosphere Sam Raimi creates is filled with tension and dread and I absolutely loved it. Would I have loved it just as much on blu-ray? I don’t know to be honest, but I had a blast with the VHS tape.

Monday was my final day of working at the hospital. It’s been almost six years and I can say, it was definitely time to go. Like most jobs I’ve left, I’ll miss some of the people, but not the job itself.

A little nervous energy has begun to creep in and this coming Monday I get to see how this next chapter in my life begins. I’m sure the first couple of weeks will be rough as I get comfortable and learn the ropes, but I’m hoping once that initial period of adjustment is over I’ll be good to go.

I fell into an internet hole when I ran across an article discussing The Television Ghost, one of the earliest television programs from 1931. Only a single promotional photo remains, but it’s an interesting story for those interesting in the early days of television.

Tales of Lost TV: The Television Ghost
Snapped Garters: The Television Ghost
The Television Ghost Thread at Fedora Lounge

I’ve been working my way through Republic Commandos and while I’m not sure if the game was worth a fifteen year wait, I’m definitely having fun with it. The music and voice acting is top notch and the old school Xbox shooter gameplay is a nice change of pace from today’s chaotic madness. The game has its difficulty spikes, but nothing ever feels unfair. I like that.

A couple of years ago, Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner both came to a local comic con. I was just really getting into Star Trek and figured this was a once in a life time opportunity. Sadly, life got in the way and I wasn’t able to attend the comic con, but since then I’ve had a couple of opportunities to meet William Shatner at other comic cons.

He’s a Star Trek/sci-fi icon and because of that he falls right into that category of stars I’d like to meet. That was until I started reading about how his fan interactions usually go. All of the things I read online said you were lucky if he cracked a smile for $100 picture. He usually sat motionless and didn’t say a word, and he definitely wouldn’t talk about Star Trek. If you asked about his horses, you’d have the best opportunity to exchange a few words, but in general, he’s just a jerk.

Wil Wheaton recently blogged about the first time meeting William Shatner and its heart breaking. It’s a shame that a man who is so infused with a property that preaches peace, compassion, and empathy is so bitter and disconnected.

I watched the Hal9000’s Fan Edits of all three Star Wars Prequels and was blown away by how much it improved the movies. I’m honestly so impressed, I’ve considered buying a blu-ray burner, just so I can download the full on blu-ray releases and have a permanent high quality copy.

I finally got my Playstation 5. I was starting to give up hope since it didn’t get delivered on the 9th as promised by Walmart. Instead, it arrived on Wednesday. So far, my impressions are very positive. It runs so quickly and I’ve finally gotten a chance to check out Control, a game made by the makers of one of my favorite games Alan Wake. So far, I’m loving it.

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