Free Write Week 8 (Feb 19-Feb 25)

My vacation ended a lot like it started with a whimper and I found myself back in the thick of things on Monday. I feel very indifferent about my time off. I was excited to have a week off, but then my plans changed and in some ways I was relieved. I’ve been tired the last couple of months and the time off with no pending plans seemed to be just what I needed. I had dreams of cleaning out my closet, watching a ton of movies, running errands, and just getting caught up on everything. Instead, I found myself sitting and struggling to decide on what to do. I didn’t actually get much done at all outside of my taxes.

Sonic the Hedgehog was added to Hulu and I decided to throw it on for a few minutes after hearing such good things. I must say, I agree with the assessment that it is the best video game movie ever and it’s probably the best family film I’ve watched since I was a kid. The graphics are great, Jim Carrey chews up the scenery, Sonic is charming, and the whole movie was just a joy to watch.

Wow, so was anyone not super impressed by that Mortal Kombat trailer? I mean, it’s everything fans have ever wanted on screen. Of course, there are a lot of unknowns, including the director, which could be a good or bad thing.

WandaVision continues to impress and I may dare say it’s my favorite Marvel project yet. I love Winter Solider but I love WandaVision a little more. Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany are simply stunning in their performances. Between this and The Mandalorian Disney has really impressed me. They’ve shown they can break their cookie cutter mold and tell interesting stories. I look forward to more Disney+ originals.

I don’t spend much time reading blogs or surfing the net when I’m off on the weekends or like last week while I was on vacation. My RSS feeder grew quite large since I didn’t check it for a week and I was able to see a few sites I could easily remove by skimming the content posted during my week off. It makes me wonder how we allow things to slip into our lives that we really don’t care for and yet continue to tolerate them out of laziness or our inability to recognize they no longer serve us.

Speaking of allowing things into our lives that we don’t really enjoy or serve us anymore, I found myself watching bits and piece of the various NASCAR races this past weekend yet again. I’m reminded of a time in my wrestling fandom where I “hate watched” the WWE because it was a habit. One of my goals this year is to eliminate wasted time and I really need to just forget about NASCAR. I’m interested in seeing what happens at the Bristol dirt race but other than that I know I’ll just grow irritated. The sport and I have just moved in different directions. I’d much rather spend that 2.5 – 3 hours watching a good movie than a race that will ultimately just irk me.

Life is too short to do things you don’t enjoy. I’ve always believed that, yet I still force myself to finish bad books, TV series, and things out of obligation or sunk cost fallacy. This is something I need to correct in my life and reclaim some of that wasted time.

I ran across one of my favorite pages from Preacher online. I thought I’d share it.

It was announced that Star Wars Republic Commandos is coming to PS4 and Switch in April. This excites me because this was one of thr Star Wars games that I really wanted to play but missed out on. I recall it didnt really ever drop in price and I just never had an opening to buy it. Fifteen years later that $15 price tag looks nice.

A new Beavis and Butthead movie is coming to Paramount+ and I’m totally cool with that. I thought they were great in the MTV reboot making fun of Teen Mom and Jersey Shore. I think their style of humor would be a welcomed addition to today’s comedy landscape.

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