Causes of Death in America (Reality/Google/Media)

I ran across this infographic back in December and found it interesting. It’s a breakdown of what Americans die from, what Americans search on Google, and what the news reports on. You can quickly see how America’s biggest killer heart disease, is not exciting and thus gets little to no coverage in the media nor do Americans feel compelled to research it. The flashy, exciting, and scary stuff like homicide and terrorism get a lot more love, especially from the media.

This is just another example of how the media and internet skew data for profit. I feel like I’ve lived my world through various screens over the years and because of this, my outlook has been quite skewed from reality. There is actually a term for this: mean world syndrome.

Sometimes understanding these biases and seeing some hard data can make a real impact on how I interpret things. I just thought someone else might find it interesting as well.

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