Free Write – Week 4 (Jan 22-Jan 28)

Every blogger/writer knows that empty feeling that you get in your gut when you lose a large portion of work. This week, I managed to lose two pages worth of my Free Write as well as three movie reviews for my horror blog. There’s a wave of panic, frustration, and then a complete loss of motivation to re-write that occurs. I’m trying to battle that loss of motivation by getting back to writing, just knowing that my second attempt will not be as good as my first.

It was announced that the WWE Network will be absorbed into Peacock, providing the Peacock with more material and the WWE a wider audience. As of right now, it seems like the fans are the one who win. Pay per views will be cheaper (with the $4.99) option and $10 for all what NBC/Universal has to offer plus the WWE’s library is a heck of a deal.

I am concerned that some content will be lost in the transfer though. Peacock has already removed their classic movies and westerns due to what one would have to assume is low viewership. Will some random ECW Television show from 1998 generate enough of an audience to remain streaming all the time?

The Peacock already has a horrible UI and does a terrible job at categorizing movies and shows. I’m hoping the WWE will get its own section and will not just be tossed amongst the clutter that already exists.

I think down the road most of our niche services will be swallowed up by bigger streaming networks. I know that Amazon offers some as channels and in the case of Shudder, the content is limited vs. the full app despite being the same cost. Amazon also doesn’t put up the live events which to me shows a lack of understanding of what the niche audience actually wants. Only time will tell, I just hope we don’t all regret moving on from physical media.

Speaking of physical media, I want to talk about commentary tracks for a moment.

I was reading a post online about Taika Waititi’s commentary track on JoJo Rabbit. Apparently, he makes it clear he doesn’t want to do one and makes comments like, “Who listens to commentary tracks anymore” or “Does anyone really care that this was filmed in the Czech Republic?”

He does call some of the cast during the commentary tracks but doesn’t put any real effort into exploring the movie or celebrating it. This particular poster was really disappointed and I was too hearing about the content of the commentary track. I know how frustrated I was when Kevin Smith insulted singular commentary track listeners on the Clerks II commentary track, so I could imagine if this was your favorite film, you’d be disappointed.

Worse, physical media lovers have a hard time justifying the cost of physical media in an on-going digital world. Commentary tracks help justify the cost at times and this particular commentary track didn’t sound like it helped.

On a bright note, Hulu put up a commentary version of Palm Springs which is the first digital commentary that I know on a major streaming service. I’m hoping it’s successful enough to encourage more filmmakers to do so.

Brandy and I tried out Wario Ware: Smooth Moves this past weekend and had a lot of laughs in doing so. I couldn’t help but think about what a great machine the Wii is for that. It’ll definitely get you up, being competitive, and laughing. I’m not sure any other video game system ever came close to capturing this same sort of engagement. It truly is a memory maker.

My lovely wife bought me a copy of Mr. Spock’s Little Book of Mindfulness which is an adorable little book featuring some cartoons of Spock that teach mindfulness.

I got a chuckle out of learning that the Save Walter White Web 1.0 website from Breaking Bad is still online.

I also enjoyed this fake website for the city of Arlen, Texas, that King of the Hill takes place in. The webmaster played it straight almost 100%.

Wowzers, HBO Max released a remastered version of Babylon 5! I never in my life thought I’d see that. It’s not perfect, but they did rescan the film to 4K then downgrade it to HD. They cleaned up some of the CGI and kept the 4:3 ratio. This is probably the best we will ever see Babylon 5 and I hope HBO Max will introduce it to some new folks. It’s a great show once it’s gets going.

I ran across this picture of a Muggsy Bouges poster that I used to have on the back of my bedroom door. It transported me back to the 90s.

After a lot of pondering, I’ve decided to get the COVID vaccination. I’ve been on the fence, but after seeing some of the lingering effects on my co-workers partnered up with the possibility that Brandy may not be able to get the vaccine pushed me to move forward. I get my first shot on Wednesday.

Currently I use OpenBoard for my keyboard on my phone but I ran across FlorisBoard on FDroid and I’m loving it. It’s in an alpha phase and is missing some features (suggestions) but its ultra responsive. I’ve never been fully satisfied since leaving GBoard but this may come damn close.

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  1. Sorry to hear you lost content. I started to write most of my stuff on a document before I post. I, like you,have lost way to much.
    my hopes with WWE and Peacock is that the “good” stuff makes it over.
    my bride is scheduled for her vacc on Monday.
    until im able i guess i’ll still train, say my prayers, and eat my vitamins 🙂

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