The Great Digital Purge

A few weeks leading up to 2021 and now a few weeks into 2021, I’ve been on a digital purge. In my quest for minimalism, I’ve been removing/deleting/unsubscribing from everything that I possibly can.

I started off by deleting two lingering email accounts, which now leaves me just my main account and old legacy Gmail account I just can’t shake.

I went through all of my emails, RSS feeds, email subscriptions, and bookmarks and removed anything that was sitting for more than three months and hadn’t been used. Anything that didn’t bring me joy or still aligned with my interests was also taken out of rotation.

I bought a five terabyte hard drive at CostCo and two 128 gig thumb drives on Amazon to back up everything. I removed almost all of my files from both my laptop and Surface and also dumped all the files from my OneDrive. I then deleted anything that no longer served me and organized the rest. The external hard drive will be my base while the two thumb drives are my backups. They’ll backup my photos, docs, and important files. I plan on keeping one with a family member out of state in case of a natural disaster as I slowly ween myself off Cloud storage.

My blog was gutted (as you know) and all photos were removed my cell phone and organized into folders. I keep one folder of photos I might need on my OneDrive (at least for now) in case I want to show someone a photo sometime.

All unused apps and programs have been removed from my phone and computer. I also removed Windows from my Surface, which now leaves me with two Linux devices and my Android cell phone.

Basically, I attempted to begin everything with a clean slate. I wanted everything as close to Factory Reset as possible so that I had the space to create and invest. I’m a big believer in dumping the cup before filling it back up and at least for me, the process is meditative and relaxing. I love removing things that no longer being me joy and replacing them with those that do.

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