Free Write – Week 0 (Dec 26th – Dec 31st)

In the week leading up to the relaunch/clean slate of my blog, I’ve struggled with how to proceed. At first I had this clear vision of beginning the year with bettering myself, but after that initial high wore off (and several blogs were written) I began to with how I wanted to present the blog. I worried myself with the idea of making it “perfect” almost as if whatever I was writing would be written in stone. Oh, how old habits die hard.

I decided to stick with my initial plan which is to write about the things I hope to improve on and ways to make myself happier and then slowly add in discussions on pop culture or whatever else I want to discuss. I’ve also decided to attempt to keep a weekly diary throughout the year which will allow me to discuss smaller items, share quotes, and links that otherwise wouldn’t make a good single post. I’m partially inspired by Dino’s Journal’s Week Notes.

Being a goldfish is hard. I’ve replaced my phone’s lock screen wallpaper with a picture of a goldfish and I try to recite “Be a goldfish” whenever I know something bothersome is said. This is going to take some practice for sure. At least I’m already attempting to get into the habit prior to January 1st.

I watched The Orange Years, a documentary on the development of Nickelodeon and its success in the 80’s and 90’s. It was a wonderful documentary that was well paced, nicely shot, and had heaps of nostalgia. There is this retro obsessed kid inside of me still and this was one of those feel good documentaries that made me want to re-watch all my favorite childhood shows. Marc Summers is arguably one of the people I most associate with my childhood and I’ll never tire of hearing him speak. Speaking of which, I wonder whatever happened to that On Your Marc documentary that was announced in 2017?

Another documentary I watched at the end of 2019 was You Can’t Kill David Arquette. It was a fun watch that left me feeling quite indifferent. I respect that he went back to learn the wrestling basics and I know his matches were quite impressive, but I feel like the documentary skimmed over all the training he truly got and made it seem like he could jump in the ring for a few days and put on great matches.

Also, some of the setups were a little forced (like speaking to DDP) and I think the single biggest concern I had is that David clearly has some addiction issues and it seemed like wrestling provided him a distraction for a while. Once wrestling began to fade, the addictions came back, and there didn’t seem a lot of focus or concern on treating them. This was a little uncomfortable to watch and after the very enjoyable credits ended I couldn’t help to feel bad for David and hope that he gets the help that he needs.

My buddy Michael gave me one heck of a deal on his digital copies of In Search of Darkness I and II. I really enjoyed the first documentary and can’t wait to watch all 4.5 hours of the second! I’ll have a review up on my horror site whenever I get around to watching it.

I picked up a couple of games digitally this week: FIFA 21 and Road Redemption. I’m not a huge soccer fan, but about fifteen years ago I decided I wanted to learn more about the sport. So, I went to a couple of games and bought a copy of FIFA. It took a while, but once I learned how off-sides worked, I had a lot of fun with FIFA. The last copy I bought was FIFA 16 and I paid $2.99 for it. This year, I wanted to buy it on the Switch but the horrible reviews and EA’s lack of effort really pushed me towards the PS4 which had FIFA on sale for $28. So far, I’m really enjoying it and it was a nice change of pace for me.

Growing up one of my favorite games to rent was Road Rage. I can’t even guess how many times I rented it from the local Phar-Mor as a kid. For years, I’ve wanted a new Road Rage, but it’s not exactly the type of game that gets a big budget release. EA doesn’t seem to care about the franchise, so that style of gameplay has been left to low budget developers. Luckily, a Kickstarter was made a few years back and a game called Road Redemption was created which was actually good, unlike most of the other Road Rage clones. I’ve held off on buying this game for years, but the $7.99 price tag was just too good to pass up for some quick pick up and play fun. And man is it fun! It’s simple, but engaging, just like the original game. I’ve had way more fun than I ever imagined I would with Road Redemption and it was money well spent.

I finished up 2020 having watched 178 movies and having read 36 books. It was the most movies I’ve watched in a year since I started tracking in 2017. I haven’t been as thorough with tracking books, but it’s definitely been one of my busiest years reading as well. I had only read twelve books by July 1st, so I doubled my reading the second half of the year which I am proud of.

I spent the final day of 2020 reading various Year in Reviews. Typically, I like to create one of these for my blogs, but since I’m shifting gears on January 1st, it seems a bit useless. Here is what I will say about 2020:

2020 taught me to appreciate the little moments of peace. Those quiet moments with the people and things I like.

2020 showed me the worst in people and then showed me I strong enough not to let them make my life miserable.

In 2020, I found some small online communities of people who love to write and share without worrying about SEO, ads, tracking, and everything else. I smiled earlier today when reading Rebecca’s Year End Gathering post. She said, “…if you are reading this, you’re a friend, even if we haven’t met before.” I feel the same way about the people who choose to follow me on my blog with all my shenanigans and thoughts.

2020 showed me that I was brave enough to take a chance on love again and I had a beautiful wedding to show for it.

No one knows for certain what 2021 will bring. I just hope that I can find ways to continue to improve myself and share myself with the people that I love and enjoy.

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